April 21, 2018

April 21, 2018

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Wise Old Crow?

April 21, 2018

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Tarot Life Saver

April 21, 2018

What a glorious day it has been!


Today I spent the day in Bude. The place of my work and every day the eternal place of The Sun. People come to Bude for the sun. The worship it, to bathe in it, and to surf in it.


I, with my shop, Wise Old Crow, bring the moon, a place of worship and dedication to The Goddess, a Pagan/Wiccan store,where like minded folk come and network with others, purchase relevant items, and feel safe. The Moon of the shop brings them at ease, as they feel a connection with the shop to their very essence.

In my shop we sell a very famous and best selling tarot deck, entitled The Rider Waite Tarot. This deck was created by an ex Bude resident Pamela Colman Smith. Pamelas' tarot deck, radiates colour and beauty, and even after all these years continues to be a best selling tarot deck. I mention in my book, Tarot Life Saver how I recommend it as an excellent starter deck, but also a favourite for established tarot readers too.


Pamela, or Pixie as she liked to be called, was an Aquarian, astrologically, as such she saw life differently to others. She was a pioneer, an inventor, an ideas person, as such she was light years ahead of other artists of her time. She intuitively connected with the cards, through her art, relaying her messages of how she saw the story of the tarot itself. How it reflecting in her life, through her eyes.


I, also an Aquarian, teach how to read the tarot cards intuitively. My book Tarot Life Saver shows the way.

Looking at The Sun card, from The Major Arcana, a child rides on the back of a glorious white stallion, whilst the sun beats down on a beautiful blue sky. In the background vibrant sun flowers bloom. All is well, and we live the eternal child within.


The Fool, card, another card from The Major Arcana, tells of the time of April, Aries and New Beginnings. In this card we see The Fool standing on the edge of a cliff, about to embark on a journey. He embraces the new without fear of trepidation.


The sun at this time of the new, brings with it hope of a hot summer to come. After months of the frustration of a cold winter, we have soul searched within the inner moon of our life, our subconscious, and have battled with the frustrations of a cold, miserable time.


We embrace The Fools journey, as make plans for the year to come. We have decisions to make and we will have to look within ourselves, and be brave when it comes to these choices. We know we shall have to embark on our own journey of life. The wheel has to turn, and life continues.


Let us embrace all that The Fool brings to us. The spontaneity, the fun, the recklessness.

Let us embrace all that The Sun brings to us, with fun, living life in the now, and connected to our inner child within.


Sue x

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